Technology trends that will conquer the future

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Technology Trends

Technology Trends refers to the recent technology which are introduced in the market and become popular in less time. Technology is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Digital trends are rapidly approaching maturity. This innovation in continuous technology will enable a competitive advantage in digital as well as physical world. Some of the Rapid increasing technology’s in this century are: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Robotics and Automation, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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“The least scary future I can think of is one where we have at least democratized AI… [also] when there’s an evil dictator, that human is going to die. But for an AI, there would be no death. It would live forever. And then you’d have an immortal dictator from which we can never escape.” –said by Elon Musk

In future AI is going to cover almost every job sector. It can create new career paths in the field of Machine learning, Data mining, and analysis, AI software development, program management, and testing. In future, there will be a great demand of AI certified professionals.

Augmented Reality (AR)

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Augmented reality is an interactive experience of real-world environment and overlays digital content and information onto the physical world — as if they’re actually there with you, in your own space. AR helps us to see the real-world experience in digital content.

This technology is used by many organisations to train doctors, nurses, teachers, gaming, 3D-view etc. For future of AR mobile industry is a great scope for development. From smartphones accessing GPS to wearable technologies ranging from Google Glass to Apple iWatch, AR will be expressed by specific apps.


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In future, the data will grow in zettabytes in the world. The cybersecurity professionals are expected to protect the data, organization’s online assets. It includes a file, network, firewalls, detection of vulnerabilities, monitoring of the activities, identifying the problem and its solution, recover from an attack, disaster recovery and backup plans, and so forth.


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Blockchain technology has provided us the most popular product ‘Bitcoin (block explorer service)’ which is a type of cryptocurrency and functions as a public ledger for all transactions happening on the network, as well as cryptocurrency wallet. Companies are using Blockchain technology to transform time-consuming, centralised, less reliable and less secure systems. Walmart has been a blockchain enthusiast for a very long time. In reality, the company is using IBM’s supply chain technology — Hyperledger Fabric platform to back up their supply chain process. In future, everything will be digital and there is a great scope of Blockchain

Robotics and Automation

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Today, robots can perform some functions without considerable human intervention with the help of automated technologies to execute iterative tasks. Robotics and Automation is a combined technology of designing, creating robots and perform the tasks using machines and programmed computer software. In fact, automated machines are expected to replace almost half of the global workforce. Automation will be a key focus of technological change in future from devices at home to industrial applications on a massive scale.

Internet Of Things (IOT)

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IOT is the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. It’s digital intelligence to add sensors and connecting them with devices to communicate real-time data without the involvement of human being. IOT is making the world around us smarter and more responsive, merging the digital and physical environments. IOT proves to have a huge scope as it provides a unique opportunity for businesses to turn data into insights.

Technology trends have the potential to drive significant disruption and deliver significant opportunity. It also encompasses one’s ability to recognize and understand the usefulness of any such technology for the success of his business.

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