First profit- 04 paise: Day #3

After understanding the auto square off charges, broker charges and all it’s details today was the day when I made my first profitable trade. A profit of Rs. 0.04 xD.

Selling (shorting) a single unit of ZEEL at Rs. 196.00 and buying it back at Rs. 195.80 I made a gross profit of Rs. 0.20 paise.

With all the charges levied on gross profit of Rs. 0.20 the net profit comes out to be 4 paise and let me tell you- it feels a bliss.
Having a prediction on the direction of stock movement and leveraging it for profit feels strong. Now I understand that a mere 20 paise movement is sporadic and can be leveraged on any liquid stock but for me, it was trusting my knowledge and instincts to project the probable movement and utilize this to earn and this is what makes me feel content.

Here is a contract note indicating net profit after all charges-

On day 3 did I not achieve the feat of making my first profit (again, 4 paise :D) but also bought my company, first share of a company technically. But yeah, now I am an honorary part-owner of the largest manufacturer of auto-grade steel in India- TATASTLBSL.

The profits I make, I plan to invest them for a longer period using fundamental analysis techniques. Though I have not yet started with fundamental analysis (will start so within a week or so) TATASTLBSL is one on the cheapest (per stock) among NIFTY50 which sort of certifies it’s strong fundamentals. Though I do not plan to go all-in extensive unless I learn and I apply my personal fundamental analysis learning.

With these two trades, one short squared off and one CNC I completed my day 3 and learned a lot with on-screen time and off-screen emotions. For tomorrow I plan to study technical indicators like VWAP, MACD and others and apply them proactively and instinctively.

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